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Subject:  Re: Disability: How the unemployed survive Date:  3/24/2013  12:47 PM
Author:  rubberthinking Number:  418748 of 576415


BTW anyone 'earning' minimum wage is automatically dependent in some form or another on their families.

This is the biggest reason the general public are wondering about raising minimum wage substantially. Why should someone's son or daughter work hard for 40 hours and not be able to support themselves? Be in need of family support? Most people work for very little. Most people are working in businesses that have limited economics for the individual worker ie retail, restaurants and some semiskilled forms of work. In other words the worker only does so much at a given time unlike an assembly line. See the last post one why being overly limiting on what they can earn as we have been since 1970 causes problems for the vast majority of American corporations small and large. A comparison to Germany is in order because the German society takes care of the individual worker to a greater extent and we can note that the German economy does better per capita than the American economy.

Minimum wage as it stands is a huge strain on American family life. In fact we could add a study here on why the overall population is growth neutral <except for immigration> because earnings in general are so low for most folks they responsibly can not have kids. They cant afford them.

We have seen no such economic studies. But we see a constant stream of crying about how irresponsible people are in America.

I'd say most of the working poor who might like to have kids dont because they know they can not responsibly afford to have kids. Or that they limit their family sizes based on economics.

It is always easier to throw stones than seek the truth.

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