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Subject:  O'Donnell Rips Cruz, Re: McCarthy Date:  3/27/2013  8:16 AM
Author:  spl241 Number:  1867739 of 2260430

Last night, in Lawrence O'Donnell's Rewrite segment of "The Last Word," he reported that....

In a recent interview, the Dallas Morning News asked Cruz, “Is McCarthy someone you admire?” Cruz, who could not bring himself to say a flat No, instead answered, ”I’m not going to engage in back-and- forth and attacks.” O’Donnell slammed Cruz for dodging the question: “Ted Cruz is not willing to say whether Joe McCarthy is someone he admires, and he won’t say that because Ted Cruz wants to live in a world where he can use Joe McCarthy’s tactics and get away with it.”

O'Donnell was referencing Cruz's belligerent, slanderous opposition to Chuck Hagel, of course.

In the 50s, McCarthy made delusional accusations about Commies in our government. For his crusade, he was "rewarded" with his own noun in one dictionary. "McCarthyism: the practice of making accusations of disloyalty, especially of pro-Communist activity....unsupported by proof or based on slight, doubtful, or irrelevant evidence.” Sounds pretty Allen West-ish, doesn't it? You'll recall that West "heard" that 81 House Dems were Pinkos. When the NAACP in West's FL district digested his schizoid claim, they canceled him pronto as their keynote speaker for a fund-raiser.

It's understandable that Cruz stonewalled when asked if he admired McCarthy. Cruz once said that no less than 12(!) of his Harvard Law profs were Commies bent on government overthrow. O'Donnell's poker face half-failed as he called Cruz “the last person left in America–-and possibly the world-–who is still worried about Communists."
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