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Subject:  Re: Natural economic laboratory Date:  3/29/2013  3:43 PM
Author:  Goofyhoofy Number:  420037 of 513397

Among the 10 fastest-growing metro areas last year were Raleigh, Austin, Las Vegas, Orlando, Charlotte, Phoenix, Houston, San Antonio and Dallas. All of these are in low-tax, business-friendly red states

Thank you, Wall Street Journal. Now for a reality check:

by any measure, the state is still growing. Nationwide, of the 10 counties with the largest numeric increase in population last year, three were in California. In that same period, the state added 256,000 people — nearly half the population of Wyoming. Also, in roughly the same span, California added 365,000 new jobs.

And then there's:

Highest quintile growth states: California, Oregon, Utah, Texas, North Dakota, Michigan, West Virginia, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Alaska. North Dakota, Alaska and West Virginia are entirely "energy extraction" dependent, so they are outliers.

Where are these "low tax" and "business friendly" states? Lowest quintile: Mississippi, Alabama, Missouri, Wyoming, Nebraska, New Mexico, New Jersey, Maine, Montana.

Second lowest quintile? Arkansas, Louisiana, Kansas, Florida, Kentucky, Idaho, South Dakota, Vermont.

Average? Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Carolina, Nevada, Oklahoma. Not so terrible for these mostly northern, older states, eh?

This migration isn't accidental.

I'm sure it's not. Education and infrastructure cost money. Businesses that want to rely on dumb labor can find plenty of it in the South and Southwest. Those which need a literate and skilled workforce find it in states which invest in themselves.

Here's where your favorite internet meme is coming from, maybe:

But there is something irrational, indeed unpatriotic, in rooting for California to fail, as so many conservatives are now doing. Sure, they are upset that the Republican Party is dead in this state — R.I.P. G.O.P. And, among the fringes, there are those who cannot accept that California is a minority-majority state, with whites making up about 39 percent of the population. They’ve seen the future and don’t like it one bit.
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