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Subject:  Re: Useful idiots on parade Date:  3/31/2013  8:37 AM
Author:  307wolverine Number:  676567 of 878176

Someone filtered: Libyans, Palestinians... what's the difference? They're all brown muzzies to you, right Wolverine?

CC: Islam is a crazy religion that should be stamped out.

I used to marvel at the capacity of liberals to deny the obvious, but now I just accept it as part of their pathology. Islam is totally intolerant of anything that is not Islamic, even then the Sunnis blow up Shia monuments and vice versa.

The Taliban blows up those ancient statues. Egyptian Muslims burn Christian churches on mere rumors of a Mohammed insult. It doesn't take much internet time to find oodles of stories of Muslims destroying others for not being just like them.

The media is loaded with stories of the unwillingness of Muslims to integrate into the cultures of their adopted homelands and demanding that the hosts conform to their wishes.

Yet, liberals ignore all of this because liberal dogma demands strict, unquestioned adherence to liberal "values." When confronted with liberal dogma and their own lyin' eyes liberals always go for total worship of liberalism.

What can you do with folks who have a death wish by ignoring the obvious?
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