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Subject:  Re: Landfill < 1 mile away? Date:  4/5/2013  7:29 PM
Author:  foo1bar Number:  125061 of 129308

Nope, did not do the inspection. Will not be doing it.
Is it a new house?
If so, then *maybe* an inspection won't give you an easy way to get out of the contract.
If it's an older house, it most likely would.

Jury, make up your mind!
I think you're letting your emotions get away with you.
You need to deal with the situation you have. You're more likely to get the result you want if you are as rational as you can be.

You need to spend $200, and have a RE lawyer from the area look at the contract you signed (you made an offer - that IS a contract.)
Usually there are ways out of the contract, but often some of them have to be exercised within a certain timeframe.
For example "financing contingency" - if there is such a clause in your contract that gets you out of it if you can't qualify for a mortgage, use that clause. I've been told by a mortgage broker that they'd have no problem writing a letter to a seller stating that I "do not qualify for the loan they were pre-approved for". But I needed to use that contingency to get out of the contract within the first 5 days (or was it 7? I don't remember what the contract said now)

If you really don't want to purchase the house, $200 for a RE lawyer to read the contract and send a letter to the builder telling them they need to release your funds is probably the cheapest way to get out of this.

Personally, since the houses are selling in the neighborhood, I wouldn't be so worried about the landfill a mile away.
But that's me.
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