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Subject:  Re: Credit card problems Date:  4/7/2013  1:17 AM
Author:  salaryguru Number:  48816 of 125637

When I'm in a situation where I need to talk to the "supervisor", I ask for the supervisor and then as soon as that person gets on the line I ask for their supervisor. That doesn't always work, but sometimes it does. Either way, I then ask them if they are a decision making supervisor or a patsy for the higher ups. That forces them into the awkward position of either admitting they are a patsy or making a decision.

You sound like you take a similar tactic to me. I spent over one hour on the phone with the supervisor I talked to. I asked to speak to his supervisor within minutes, but he was a stone wall. I interrogated him and pushed for any further information or action. Eventually I did let him know that I understood that he was a peon without any visibility into actual corporate decisions and without any authority. I understood that he was simply following orders.

Once I realized I was not going to get any answers and after I got bored running him around in illogical circles, I finally said: "So you are telling me that HSBC has terminated our relationship entirely. Is that correct."

Relieved, he answered, "yes".

"And there is nothing you can do about it?"

Another relieved, "yes".

"And there is no one at HSBC who can tell me more about this situation?"


"So this means that I am under no obligation to pay of the remaining balance?"

"Yes ... er .. I don't ..."

So I quickly broke him off and said, "Thank-you and good afternoon." and hung up.

I followed up with a series of email messages to their customer services contact address stating that this supervisor indicated that I would not be required to pay off my remaining balance. I thoughtfully supplied his name and phone number which I had gathered earlier in our conversation. My email said that I really wanted an explanation for their action but that since they were willing to wave my remaining balance, I would accept their action. Of course this will have no effect on my obligation to pay off my balance (which is fairly high because it has two plane tickets to China on it) but I'm hoping it might create a little drama in the customer service call center.

I still have no idea what the real story is.
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