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Subject:  Re: Credit card problems Date:  4/7/2013  9:41 PM
Author:  salaryguru Number:  48833 of 128828

My GUESS is that your inquiry led someone to be suspicious that some kind of fraudulent activity was likely to take place in a foreign country you planned to travel to.

I'm still baffled. But I didn't make an inquiry. I simply called to notify them that I was planning of visiting New York and China. They had already terminated our relationship and told me at that time. I have made charges to China Air and to the hotels where I will be staying while in China. But if that created a problem, why wouldn't HSBC simply tell me?

Perhaps the surest way to avoid that kind of risk was to close the account.

Again, why not simply tell me that. Actually, last month I got a letter from my AAA Visa card telling me that my card had been cancelled and a new one was in the mail. When I called to find out what was going on, they apologized for the inconvenience, then told me that a vendor's database had been compromised and the safest thing to do was to re-issue cards to all those that might have been impacted. I was without a card for a few days, but I appreciated the explanation and apology. They would not tell me which vendor was compromised, but I was still satisfied.

Let's face it. Banks are on the hook for a lot of fraud. I don't blame them for taking pre emptive action of the kind you describe when something triggers their alarm bells.

Yeah. I get that. But HSBC was using what I would consider very aggressive language. Plus, after some pressure, they told me that crazy story about sending me a letter requesting more information and that it was my lack of a response that caused this action. I really don't believe them. I never received such a letter and when I asked what the information they requested was, they refused to tell me. Why make up a story to blame me? And why not at least make that story complete and believable?

I wouldn't take it personally, although I'm sure it's a nuisance.

Well . . . I don't know if I took it personally, but it did make me angry - especially to find out just before I took the first trip when I needed it. The whole reason I applied for the card is to get the 0% foreign transaction fee usage in Asia where my other cards seemed to be unreliably accepted. I've only held this card for about 4 months, so it turned out to be hardly worth the effort of applying for it.

And I do worry (not much, but a little) about how this impacts my credit rating. What will my credit record indicate?
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