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Subject:  Re: OT idle question Date:  4/8/2013  12:40 PM
Author:  whoopica Number:  36244 of 40283

Thanks for all the replies and keep em coming if there are more!

I rotate through all the big cats in terms of absolute favourite. At the moment top of my list is a particular tiger that those of you who are friends with Whoopica Fool on facebook can see as she is my profile pic. Her name was Brytne and she was a phenomenally beautiful Sumatran tiger that we lost suddenly and tragically last year. She was long and lean and a really great mother to her two litters of cubs. She had an almost regal quality even at rest.

She also had an extremely honed hunting instinct. I once saw her suddenly leap 20 feet straight up in the air when a peacock landed on the roof of her yard. That one got away due to the wire mesh that fully encloses the yard. Peacocks that landed on trees in the larger exhibit did not fair so well. She was lightning fast and her mate Rengat would have to sit patiently by hoping for a few scraps when she was finished.

Since this question occurred to me a few days ago I felt the need to conduct an impromptu survey. When I ask people IRL the big cats are very well-represented. Beauty, however, is in the eye of the beholder and so far I have also gotten dolphin, orca, polar bear and zebra as well.

cat lover
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