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Subject:  Re: How to fire a client Date:  4/9/2013  11:14 PM
Author:  StockGoddess Number:  118347 of 131244

I'm ready to fire my accountant.

I have a personal return - granted, with stocks and charitable donations and IRA's - but nothing special. then I have a LLC with ONE rental property. I put all my numbers on spreadsheets and spend an hour with her at the beginning, explaining it all.

I dropped off paperwork in February.

She finally had my taxes done - yesterday. 5-6 weeks later. After I called and yelled at the poor secretary as to why my return seems to end up at the bottom of the pile week after week after week.

What The Freakin' Heck, as my son would say.

She did this last year, too, said she had to load "special software" - just for an LLC? And again - why not do it when I brought the stuff in, instead of doing everyone else's taxes first?

So what do you think? Guess I could do 'em myself, but I don't WANT to, and Turbo-Business plus State software costs as much as paying the accountant.

Frustrating watching April dawn and wondering if they'll be done in time, when I went IN FEBRUARY.
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