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Subject:  Re: OT: Global Water shortage. Date:  4/21/2013  10:09 PM
Author:  DavidAnglin Number:  201108 of 239254

putnid and everyone,

Now this thread is looking at water as an investment... like my friend's proposition about investing in "water" through a Calvert fund.

Thinking about a commodity that is a necessity and why that necessity has become an investment opportunity to some folks, helps us all think about water together.

How does a fund or an individual like Jim Rogers "hold" water?

Please talk about water as an investment... how it becomes an investment and how that whole process works. One can own commodities by possessing them.. in the simplest way one can have a bar of gold under a floor board, a tank of oil in a shed, and ownership can become not one of possession but one of securitization.

I can envision a gold bar or gold coins hidden under a floor board. It is possible to have some barrels of oil in a barn or a shed. But having lived on a farm where the well ran dry from time to time and we had to buy water, the simplest form of possessing water isn't from the physical water but from owning the water rights to a river/delta that is poring into something like the Great Lakes as I have read Nestle does, even though (IIRC) the water of The Great Lakes is not supposed to be sold to industry.

Anyway, what are the nuts and bolts of owning or investing in water, aside from owning a glacier?

Anyone know?



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