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Subject:  Re: Islam; Religion of Peace? Date:  4/22/2013  9:29 AM
Author:  xLife Number:  117885 of 177888

I highly recommend the video. I haven't read the Quaran in a while so I can't verify its veracity but I am getting quite tired of hearing "Islam is a religion of peace"...

Really? I'm tired of hearing that too, but the only people I ever hear say that are right-wing anti-Muslim bigots mocking the idea.

You don't see Christians going around blowing women and children up.

Actually, sometimes you do. Anders Breivik called himself a "Christian Crusader. Wade Page, the white-supremacist Christian who shot up a Sikh temple in Wisconsin said he was on a "holy war." And then there's Eric Rudolph, the Christian terrorist who bombed abortion clinics, a gay bar and most infamously, the Atlanta Olympics.

Christian terrorists aren't nearly as common as Muslim terrorists these days, but there are political and social reasons for that which have little if anything to do with either religion.

Did you know that since 911 there have been over 21,000 terrorist attacks? How do you reckon Islam is the religion of peace when they are responsible for over 21,000 terrorist attacks just in the last 11 or so years?

Because Islam, the religion, and Muslims in general, are no more responsible for acts of Islamist terrorism, regardless of how many of them there are, than Christianity and Christians in general are for acts of Christian terrorism, regardless of how many of them there are.
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