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Subject:  Re: Steyn: Coexistence Date:  4/22/2013  10:52 AM
Author:  2828 Number:  117889 of 180139

The trial isn't about abortion. Gosnell isn't on trial for doing abortions. He is on trial for malpractice and murder. Anyone who thinks that the gruesome horrors that went on inside Gosenell's clinic are what goes on in a typical abortion clinic doesn't have the first clue about what goes on in a typical abortion clinic.

I assume that most who are crying about the perceived lack of coverage are just ignorant of the distinction I pointed out above, but I also think there are a few who do understand this distinction but choose to ignore it in order to smear the pro-choice movement with the actions of Gosnell.

There’s very little difference between what [Dr. Leroy] Carhart does on a regular basis and what Kermit Gosnell stands on trial for. In one federal trial on the federal partial-birth-abortion ban, one abortionist testified (under a court-imposed cloak of anonymity) that his regular practice in late-term abortions was to decapitate a partially born child. So the horrors of what Jonah rightly called Gosnell’s “abattoir” should come as no surprise to those who have been paying attention…

Yet the Constitution is said by abortion apologists to protect this butchery. And while the pro-abortion industry appears embarrassed by the Gosnell trial, they’ve held Carhart up as their hero. Carhart was awarded the 2009 William K. Rashbaum, MD, Abortion Provider Award by Physicians for Reproductive Health — because there’s nothing like dying on the table to advance a woman’s health. Oh, and NARAL Pro-Choice America (which no longer stands for National Abortion Rights Action League, given that some people might think that name icky) gave him its Hero Award in the same year.
Hey hey! Hero Award, look at you.
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