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Subject:  Re: Islam; Religion of Peace? Date:  4/22/2013  5:56 PM
Author:  Vile Number:  117922 of 177888

"First, there may have been over 21,000 terrorist attacks, but that doesn't mean that they were all committed by Muslims."

Since 911? I don't recall very many that weren't committed by Islamists. Seriously?

"Second, someone who is Muslim may commit an act of violence that is utterly unrelated to his or her religion, and is motivated by something else entirely."

But I bet you can't name one that was claimed otherwise.

"Third, how many of those terror attacks ended up killing other Muslims?"

How does that make it a religion of peace? I'm confused. If it is against non-muslims it isn't peaceful but if it is, it is peaceful? Weird.

"I would venture to say that many, many, many of the crimes committed in this country are committed by people that self-identify as Christians. Murders, carjacking, muggings, burglary, rape, etc."

But not in the name of God or Christianity. See the difference?

"But does that mean that you can't call Christianity a religion of peace when Christians are responsible for (x) number of crimes in the last year alone?"

I am pretty comfortable saying modern Christianity is a religion of peace since I can't think of even one instance of terrorism committed in the name of God.

"Right now, just about everything motive-related for the Boston Marathon bombings is speculation. Pure speculation."

Uh, yeah, not so much. We know they were Chechen. We know Chechnya is pretty much a Muslim country. We know the older one liked Islamo Killers. We know he spent 6 months in Russia recently and his pro-Islamo-Fascist fascination grew as a result. We know he blew up lots o Americans and we know people don't usually do that on a whim. Admittedly, I don't know where you are from so maybe where you come from people say, "Hmm, should I go out and get a pizza or blow up a bunch of women and children." If that's the case, I can see where you would be confused.

Where I come from there is a saying. If it walks like a duck, it looks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, it's a duck. People where I come from aren't real slow that way.

"So why is the rhetoric being pumped up again?"

Hmm. Let me give you a clue. Since 911, this is the first successful major terrorist attack on American soil and it happened on 0bummer's watch. 3 people were killed during the actual attack including an 8 year old boy which he had to have seen when he dropped the pack. Almost 200 people were injured and quite a few (I don't have the number) lost limbs (a horrendous amount I suspect).

Does that help answer your question in any way? I'm available for remedial lessons in common sense if you would like to enhance your understanding though I am not sure it will take since I don't think common sense is learned beyond the age of 18.

Please do let me know if you have any more questions. I am always happy to help out any way I can.


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