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Subject:  Re: Islam; Religion of Peace? Date:  4/23/2013  8:42 AM
Author:  zoningfool Number:  117948 of 184125

Yeah, the left-wing media outlets (iow most of what passes itself off as 'news') are trying their darndest to spin the Muslim connection as irrelevant. An excerpt from Al Sharpton's show yestereday (on MiSiNformedBullCr@p network of course):

>>you talked to people in the mosque that he attended in the boston area.
What did they tell you, brian?
>> Well, as the boston globe reported, he even stuck out in the mosque, as you pointed out.
He was espousing things that were quite radical.
At one point he was shouted down and basically forced to leave the mosque being.
>> Shouted down by members of the mosque?
>> Exactly.
By fellow members of the congregation.
He had basically shouted down an a amom, basically calling him an unbeliever, some of the things king and the prophet mohammed, saying that he was a nonbeliever and shouldn't be leaving the congregation and the rest of the them didn't like that and he was forced to leave.
>> His uncle says it wasn't the religion, it was the radicalization.
Listen to the uncle.
>> It wasn't devotion.
It was something as it's called being radicalized.
I called one of the who is private to the family and i said, are you aware who might be possibly influencing him?
Is it his mother or what is it?
And they said there is someone who brainwashed him, some newly convert to islam.
>> Brainwashed, newly convert who in the uncle's mind distorted the religion.
>> Well, that happens in all religion, too, al.
Not just in radical islam fund meant talism.
But look at david korsesh who preached and yet did terrible tings things that he did.
Anyone can take the good concepts of a religion and turn that into something that gives them the right to commit murder and mayhem.
>> No doubt about it.

Of course, 'it happens in all religions' is never offered by the libtards as an excuse when it comes to perceived 'Christian bigotry and hatred against (fill in the politically correct group)'
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