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Subject:  Re: To former GG members... Date:  4/24/2013  3:33 PM
Author:  vitrified Number:  5154 of 5166

Hi Bill,

I sold a majority of my GG positions, as I didn't think I could capably track much more than a handful of companies. Here are the ones I still hold:

BLX (I don't feel I need to follow it that closely),
SCPZF (their website is good, and I subscribe to their email alerts),
POT (mostly sit and forget, though I keep an eye on the dynamics of the fertilizer markets, as I like the long-term global demand prospects for fertilizer),
YONG and CGA (review their earnings reports and the boards here),
ARCO (review their earnings reports),
PDS (don't follow that closely--when the market finally turns for North American drillers, I will probably sell),
UL (I don't think I need to follow that closely as long as they maintain a leading position for consumer staples in many emerging markets), and
PCLN (follow via another Fool service).

Beyond the MF boards, I also subscribe to email alerts from Seeking Alpha for these holdings. Seeking Alpha may be uneven in the quality of its material (as are the articles posted at, though I find enough good analysis to make it worth following.

I also added to my positions in SQM (Chilean producer of lithium, iodine, fertilizer compounds, etc.) and Canadian National Railway (CNI), which are recommendations of another Fool Service. I recently opened a position in Baidu, as well, as I think it's now cheap (I believe it is a Rule Breaker pick, though I don't subscribe to that service). I have added the AFK ETF as well, though I am not thrilled with its composition.

Many of the big US-based multinationals are now truly global in their markets (getting a majority of their revenue and growth from outside the US), so you can get a fair amount of international exposure that way, as well; and I think you can often make bigger bets on those blue chips (albeit with fewer multi-baggers). Finally, I am invested in the Fool's Epic Voyage fund, and I follow Bill's and Tim's commentary there (available on the website). They hold many former GG picks in their portfolio.

And I can follow a few of them via Morningstar and Valueline, which I can access via local library. Of the two, I prefer Valueline. That's about as well as I have been able to manage.

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