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Subject:  Re: To former GG members... Date:  4/27/2013  12:07 AM
Author:  BaltoBruiser Number:  119 of 132

I have a couple that no one has mentioned or at least I missed.

KPELY - My brother lives in Singapore and can provide some updates but I have mostly just watched the company website. I sold enough shares to recoup my original investment and overall I am up over 80% combining realized and unrealized gains plus dividends on this one and beating the S&P by over 25%. Good pick, I don't think I am going to sell unless something drastic happens to the company.

MIL - originally KHD. After all name changes, I am still holding a position in MIL but I have gotten rid of KHDHF. Overall, I have a slight loss on this one.

TSODY - Everyone's favorite English grocery store well maybe not. They are fairly easy to follow especially when they are flushing billions down the loo competing here in the States...well at least that experiment is over. I like the new leadership and I think this one will be fine. Even with the US disaster, I am still positive on this position but losing to the S&P according to MY Scorecard. I will hold this one for awhile.

CCSC - RE-fried chicken anyone??? I have a very small position in this noodle shop (shout out to eatenbybears!) that had some issues with reusing cooking oil in the past. I don't follow this very closely and only read the quarterly reports. I sold half my position for a small gain prior to the alleged issues in the kitchens and have held the rest just to see how this one plays out. I will not sell unless I have to but I currently sitting on 52% loss on the active position and overall loss of over 25% on the total trade.

SSW - I think this was both a GG and HG rec. I like this one and continue to re invest the dividends to build my position.

SLT - Please stop laughing...mining and ore company in India who would have thought there might be issues with them polluting or abusing employees or doing anything that wasn't completely transparent and ethical.....a very small position that is not worth selling at this point. I don't follow this one very closely, reading the quarterly spin that management puts out with the financials.

I also own ACRO, BAM (and now BPY), BLX, and ITRN I think highly of all of these companies. I am up on all except ARCO.

Last and definitely not least .. no list would not be complete without AIB and CMFO. I sold most of my shares in these two when there was still some value in the shares. I actually made money on AIB because I took a gamble when the shares were about $1/share and then sold them when the price shot up to near $10/share in 2009. I sold all but 16 shares in 2009 and broke even on AIB. Now if I sold my shares, I would owe Fidelity money to cover the commission. Same holds true with CMFO.

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