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Subject:  Re: those vicious pit bulls!!!!! ;) Date:  5/6/2013  5:03 PM
Author:  lowstudent Number:  680998 of 883444

there was a woman with a pitbull at the high tech vet last wk...sweet baby doll. Any dog can bite, I think it was last wk there was a story I read about a labrador or a golden retriever biting off a nose or something. The people at the house had the dog of somebody else...blurry background on the dog, I think the person who was bit also had a, that can be a bad situation.

Yep, I have seen most breeds in a tussle. They can all get into it.

It remains true I have seen more such situations with puts than all others combined.

I have also seen dogs bleeding bad enough to need a vet a number of times, only once was it not a situation involving a pit. When pits get into an altercation they fight to win. It is the breed. Herding dogs and retrievers were bred to nip and release pits were bred for a different purpose.

When they fight, they largely go back to instinct, pits were bred to have a distinctly different instinct than most other dogs. DO I think you can overcome it with training, yes, do I think with other breeds you do not have to - yes - do I believe that when they get in a tussle training goes out the window unless it was ridiculously good - absolutely.

IMO, before you get a dog, you should know what it was bred for in the first place. What was bred in for generations is part of the dog, that's just the way it is. Your cattle dog will likely want to herd, your retriever will bring back the ball all day and your pit if it fights will fight to win and have that attitude it was bred to have.
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