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Subject:  Re: Atheist map of the world Date:  5/26/2013  11:06 AM
Author:  JediGALT Number:  683248 of 878691

Agreed CC


What are key levers in America and the Western World?

*Big Banks

*Wall Street - Finance

*Journalism - Media

*Entertainment - Hollywood

*Education - grammar schools and universities and textbooks

Above represent key levers that control things. People's finances, what they read and see, what messages they get via movies or TV, what they are taught from childhood to adulthood.

LIBERALS CONTROL ALL OF THE ABOVE. THEY LEARNED IN THE 60's that communists and socialists can't win elections in a center-Right America. So they wisely, like a sleeper-cell, populated all of the arenas listed above and smartly gained control of ALL of them. Hence this is now a Center country and will be Center-Left very quickly.

Liberals have won. They did what Al Qaeda or their buddies in the Soviet Union couldn't do. They've beat America.

If I am wrong, I beg someone, show me. Show me because I'd give my left n*t to believe I'm wrong on this.

Oh and the moneyshot.... the fastest growing voter bloc is decidedly Liberal.

Checkmate, it's done.

I consider us all LUCKY not to have government agent inspecting our homes, our use of energy and appliances, or what we feed our kids at home. It's a matter of time.

More and more, in my mind. America is a nostalgic thing that I have fond memories of.

We're going to be something else now.

Which is why I CHEER the streets burning from Paris to Stockholm. I CHEER the gang (non violent) crimes in Caliphornia. I hope illegals suck more and more money from the system and more bridges and streets are left unfunded. The Insurgency Liberals that brought America down should at least get a few bruises.

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