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Subject:  Re: Poll: Home Hoarding in the news/NYT Date:  6/1/2013  1:57 PM
Author:  pwhitten Number:  14924 of 15019

I had to laugh at the symptoms of hoarding on Wikopedia. It took many years for me to convince my husband that he did not need to have clothing that he wore in high school hanging in our closet.

1. They tend to hold onto a large number of items that most people would consider not useful or valuable. For example: Junk mail
Old catalogues and newspapers
Things that might be useful for making crafts
Clothes that "might" be worn one day
Broken things/trash
"Freebies" or other promotional products picked up

My husband carries a lot of baggage from his past, mostly his feelings that when he was growing up, his family was 'poor'. Consequently, for the longest time, he was obsessed with things, i.e., sets of china (right now, we have 5). But now that we are getting up in years, he has finally decided that we have too much 'stuff'.

I don't consider myself a hoarder, but like Greba, I definitely have a problem with clutter. I also believe that uncontrolled clutter exacerbates depression. Too much stuff lying around and I feel overwhelmed, and unable to focus and to anything about it.

In 1999, I came across a website called The basic theme of the website is that your home didn't become a wreck overnight, so you can't expect it to become perfect overnight. She teaches and preaches about 'baby steps' (You Can Do Anything in 15 Minutes), and routines. If you do something every day (like disposing of junk mail), eventually it will become something you do automatically without having to think about it.

True story, I have been getting daily emails from Flylady since 1999, and I am happy to report that her principles are finally starting to sink in. I still have a long way to go, but at least I'm making some progress. I have finally reached the point where I make my bed every morning, which seems like a small thing. But now I can make the bed, pick up things that don't belong in the bedroom, hang up my clothes, and keep the bathroom fairly tidy. It really makes a difference when I walk into the room, and I'm working on getting the rest of our home in order.

Check out the website. If you are like me, you may find the 'Morning Musings' inspiring. Even if you don't act of them, at least you will be thinking about why things are they way they are. I am also learning how to distinguish between 'things that I can control' and 'thinks that I can't'. It helps to keep things in perspective.


I could write a lot more, but by doing so, I would be putting off getting those things done that really need to be done - LOL!
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