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Subject:  Re: When fraud flags work Date:  6/3/2013  1:51 PM
Author:  Windowseat Number:  307050 of 312987

Glad to see that companies are being so proactive since they would be the ones on the hook if $600 walked off.

Several years ago I had to buy a new monitor. I went to Best Buy and bought an "out of the box" monitor for a low price. As they were ringing it up I noticed they charged me the regular price. So they finished running it through, cancelled it, then ran it through at the discount price.

By the time I got home Discover had already called.

And a few months ago I bought something on-line, then realized my card was out of date and I needed to activate the new one. While I was reaching for the phone the card company called me. I could see why that one might ring alarm bells, and was glad they called before allowing the purchase to go through.

And years ago there was someone on this board who had a saga to tell. He got a call asking if he still had his credit card. Yes, it was in his wallet. Was he sure? So he pulled out his wallet and discovered that the card was missing. He'd left his wallet in his car while playing basketball or something like that, and apparently a thief had gone through his wallet, picked out one credit card and some case, and left everything else. Since the wallet was still there the guy didn't realize he'd been robbed.

How was he caught? Apparently the thief had grabbed everything available at Circuit City, and one purchase had triggered the over-the-limit halt. So the thief pulled out another credit card, and the clerk realized the name didn't match the previous card and triggered the security button.

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