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Subject:  Re: Methane Emissions Across..Parts of US Higher Date:  6/6/2013  4:14 PM
Author:  jgc123 Number:  42867 of 89239

Wulong: "I often wonder why you, in particular, are so embracing of the appeal to authority as a justification"

That may be the most blatantly false factual claim that I have ever read on this board. Loren is absolutely the first poster on this board to run the math, offer up his work, invite criticism and admit it when he is wrong. There was a post within the last day or two when he ran the math, admitted he made a mistake, and responded accordingly. I rarely see that on this board. It's why he has credibility with honest posters.

Wulong: "I evaluate the evidence on its own merit"

You might as well be arguing "up is down" and "down is up" if you think that you are more inclined to evaluate claims on their on their own merit than loren.

wulong: "I also find most Warmists have difficulty telling the difference between a Skeptic and a Denialist. I blame group-think."

Tragic. A small group of hard core denialists who make no real attempt to understand the math or the science who call themselves "skeptics".
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