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Subject:  Re: Taking the plunge - first HPDE Date:  6/6/2013  4:14 PM
Author:  Fireballs Number:  11536 of 11896

the turbo Cayman is so much faster than I am it's not even funny

Let's start with basic prep:

o If you can turn the boost down, do. HPDE is about learning, not about performance.

o Make sure your helmet doesn't contact anything through your normal range of head movement. If it does, add padding now.

o Some seat belt inertia reels become ratchets if you pull the belt out all the way. That's a great way to locate yourself in the seat positively. Don't try to maintain your position with arm or leg strength. You need them relaxed and free for fine control inputs.

o Bring a lot of water. You are going to be working hard in a hot, high stress environment.

Start with an instructor. They have come there specifically to help you, so learn from their experience. Your day will go much smoother if you start out slow and focus on these things in this order:

Establish your visual reference points
Downshift deliberately to avoid over-revs
Drive the racing line
Establish your braking points
Gradually increase speed to your comfort limit, but no more
React immediately to keep it on the pavement
If you fall off, stay off, drive straight, and slow down before trying to get back on
Have fun, and scare yourself just a little

Here are some additional thoughts:

o You will push the car much harder than you ever have before, so the consequences for a driving oopsie are severe. As you have said, the limits of the car are far higher than yours. If you are careful enough, your car will survive the event undamaged.

o You will find yourself making very rapid control inputs to catch the car. That is the most valuable reflex that you will develop. Control your speed so that you only need to do that about once per lap. More often than that means that you are driving faster than your capabilities. That is very easy to do.

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