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Subject:  Ugh! Reaction to CC balance Date:  6/10/2013  10:29 AM
Author:  cabinsmama Number:  307064 of 312798

After having gotten out of debt at various points in our lives, we've been CC debt-free for a long time. Recently, due to DH taking a new job and having to rent and furnish an apartment in another city, buy new clothes, etc. we pushed our CC up to a level we haven't seen in 20 years--$15k.

This isn't a big scary deal, really. With his benefits payout and increased income, we can pay in down in a couple of months (we could pay it out of savings but psychologically that would feel worse).

It was interesting, though, that even though this isn't as critical as it would have been several years ago, carrying a balance like that is setting our nerves on edge. I guess we learned something from the time we spent carrying debt that felt like it would last forever. Having gotten out from under, it feels awful to see that figure. This at least gives me hope that we won't become permanently more spendy once things settle down and we don't have big expenses every time we turn around.

We're in an area with lots of temptations, but nothing is stronger than the desire to zero that out again.

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