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Subject:  Re: Could I Have an "Attaboy!" Date:  6/12/2013  10:41 PM
Author:  joelcorley Number:  307085 of 312858


You wrote, I never thought to ask. That was decades ago, before yearly inspections were required.

They require yearly inspections?!

Seriously, they don't appear to require any inspections in much of Washington. They do appear to require testing every other year for vehicles of a certain age up here in the Seattle area, though they don't put any type of inspection sticker on a vehicle at all.

Apparently not-new vehicles older than 5 years are supposed to be inspected when they are first licensed in the area. However I got my vehicle licensed out on the peninsula where they don't have any inspection stations at all. They gave me new plates and a new title even though I gave them my King county address. (The agent wasn't sure she could get the system to do it when I told her my address; but the computer didn't complain.)

A month or two after I received my new title in the mail, they sent me a notice saying that I owed them an extra fee because I lived in King county and didn't get my vehicle inspected on transfer. However, the letter basically said I didn't have to pay the fee until the license came up for renewal in 2013. More precisely the letter warned that I couldn't get the license renewed again until I paid the fee. The fee wasn't big - about what I'd pay for an inspection back in Texas. Big deal. I'll pay it when they insist on it.

Beats me when I'll actually have to have the car inspected again though. I assume they'll tell me. I'm guessing it will happen later this year, since I do have to get a new license tag from the DOL every year.

- Joel
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