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Subject:  Re: Could I Have an "Attaboy!" Date:  6/13/2013  8:32 AM
Author:  GardenStateFool Number:  307089 of 312858

If I got a good price for the trade in, what would be so terrible about replacing this 4 yr old Civic with a brand new car?

I have a thirteen year old Civic. At one point, it was the brand new car. But right now it's still just fine. I have two kids. Everyone said that I'd "have to" get a minivan or a larger car, but I didn't and still don't need one.

What's so "terrible" about it? Nothing, per se, if you can afford it, your long term goals are fully funded, and your e-fund is totally up to date. Everyone decides where their money is best spent and if cars are important to you, then that's the place you need to make a plan to upgrade.

But I have found that there are cooler cars and more powerful cars and more fun cars and more luxurious cars, but very, very few more reliable cars than my Civic. Don't get me wrong, I don't love my Civic. In fact, my emotions towards it are now, and always have been, far more resignation and a sense of "settling" for than anything resembling enthusiasm.

But I have managed to take all the money that I would have been using to make a car payment once I paid off my Civic (which was done in under 36 months), and simply socked it away. And in the meantime, my car keeps going, and going... without anything more than regular maintenance and oil changes.

And I have enough money to make sure that if something happens and I NEED that new car, I can simply pay for it and not blink.

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