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Subject:  Re: Could I Have an "Attaboy!" Date:  6/13/2013  9:14 PM
Author:  JohnEBgood Number:  307093 of 312858


You mean to tell me that you live in NJ and drive a Civic? Are you crazy ???? ;o)
I couldn't resist - and truthfully, every state I've been in has its share of crazy drivers.

I don't love my Civic. In fact, my emotions towards it are now, and always have been, far more resignation and a sense of "settling" for than anything resembling enthusiasm.

Interesting. We still have our second Accord (2000). Before that, we had a 1987 Accord that was still running fine when I sold it. I'm used to the ride of the bigger car, and the Civic doesn't "do it" for me. Once I rented a Corolla and it seemed to have a smoother ride than the Civic.

I have two kids. Everyone said that I'd "have to" get a minivan or a larger car, but I didn't and still don't need one.

How un-American of you! Of COURSE you need a minivan. ;o) Why if everybody thought like you, how would companies like Exxon (originally Std Oil of NJ) reap in huge annual profits?

Sorry....I've had a rough day.

My Civic is a wonderful workhorse. Got it in Sept 2009, and it has less than 30K miles on it. I'd be shocked if it ever needs more than oil and tire changes. Good gas mileage. That's why I downsized.

I haven't been frequenting this board, and I get the feeling that the sentiment here is definitely in the frugality range. I admire that.

And there's a lot to be said about avoiding being taken advantage of by the banks. These days, with interest rates being where they are, it's so tempting to incur debt. And younger people seem, in general, to have no idea of that thing about how you have to pay it all back.

All of which makes me feel very good about having a ZERO balance in the car loan department. Maybe this weekend I'll celebrate by cleaning up the Civic ;o)

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