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Subject:  Re: Texas implements Voter ID law Date:  6/26/2013  1:07 PM
Author:  THEMATHISNEAR Number:  687026 of 883346

Once you realize the depth of lying that they will go do in order to jstify one opinion, and track down that there is a lie beneath every single lib point you find questionable over a 6 month period. there is no way to ever argue a point as if they are on the up and up

Lies are just the means to an end, for a liberal. They really don't have a problem telling whatever tales they need to in order to maintain power. Look at the glee with which they savaged Romney last year. They made him out to have practically killed a man's wife, and the so-called 'fact checkers' barely raised an eyebrow. But when Romney said Obama eliminated the work requirement for welfare (which I conclusively demonstrated to be only a half-step removed from literal truth -- Obama paved the way for states to create programs that were absolutely prohibited by the law, and which would allow them to skirt the work requirement), Romney was called a liar by these 'fact checkers'.

Liberals lie, because they have to. Anyone of moderate intelligence and solid character (as in, not bribed by handouts or likely to be by virtue of whatever tripe the liberals are peddling) who is given the facts of an issue will find it impossible to side with liberals on any issue involving the economy or national security (I freely admit that reasonable people can disagree on social issues). Liberal goals are not aligned with those that would make America a stronger country.
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