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Subject:  Re: Charitable deduction question Date:  8/2/2013  2:26 PM
Author:  sjfans Number:  118967 of 129670

90% of the time when someone "gives" something to Goodwill it is not because they think of Goodwill as a great charity - it's because they want to get rid of stuff from their house/garage/apartment/storage/whatever.

At this moment I have a large box of maternity clothes sitting in the back of my car. Youngest DD was born 2 months ago and she is very likely our last. These clothes saw me through 2 pregnancies and include shorts, jeans, sweaters, cotton shirts, a swimsuit, etc. Considering that I didn't wear them until 5-ish months pregnant and had enough that each garment rotated into wear once every couple of weeks, I consider them gently used and very much in good shape with some life left in them.

I would love for these to go to directly someone in need - a women's shelter or home for single mothers or such. I'm having trouble finding someone who a) wants them, b) is a charitable organization (yes, I selfishly want a tax write-off for them), and c) is worth the drive and hassle to deliver during particular hours or far away.

There is a Goodwill less than 1.5 miles from home that I drive by almost daily. There is another about 3 miles away from home that I drive by at least weekly. Very soon, I imagine I'll be leaving the box at one of those two stores since it's so very convenient. True, the items won't go directly to someone in need - they will be sold to someone else in my community who will get a great deal and Goodwill will get some $ to "provide employment and training opportunities for people who wish to improve their lives" (per the GCF website.) I know some of the employees at my local store are mentally handicapped and are able to receive jobs/training they might not otherwise.

Wherever the clothes end up, I'll feel good about it and will happily take my donation receipt for tax purposes.

Just a data point to add to the discussion...
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