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Subject:  Question about drug expiration Date:  8/16/2013  11:43 AM
Author:  alstroemeria Number:  14930 of 15015

I'm cleaning out the medicine shelf and ran across a 4 year old prescription for citalopram (celexa). I guess I must've had an anxiety issue at the time, but I can't remember (that is, I have occasional anxiety issues, but don't remember getting treated...yeah, memory issues, too, apparently-).

Anyway, I'm trying to decide whether to throw out the remainder (looks like I took maybe half--don't know why I stopped...maybe the anxiety ended or I decided it didn't work for me or I read the side-effects(!). WOuld this still be safe to take after 4 years anyway?

I don't have a doctor I can ask at the moment. (When our doc turned into a boutique practice 11 months ago, we decided not to cough up the extra cost to stay with her--$125/mo/pp!--and last winter we saw a new doc. But a few months later she left or retired (or was fired, who knows...the wording was cagy). I won't have time to do a proper search for a new doc until the winter (I had a complete physical w/labs a year ago and a partial one with the new doc last March, so I'm not in need of the basics for a while anyway).

SO...I'm asking here as this citalopram is also prescribed for depression, so I figured someone here may be familiar with it. Do you know if it's safe to take 4+ year old citalopram? I'm usually the sort of person who just throws out medication as soon as it reaches the so-called expiration date. But being retired on less income, I am much more cautious about wasting anything.
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