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Subject:  The Bush Burden Date:  9/6/2013  8:11 AM
Author:  Goofyhoofy Number:  51615 of 122010

Anyone remember the reaction to militarism following the debacle in Vietnam? The American public, and especially the next American Presidents wanted nothing to do with international conflicts, the military retreated from public view to lick its wounds, it was a full generation before we got significantly involved anywhere in the world again.

So, Tim Egan, says, is the legacy of Bush's misadventures in Iraq and Afghanistan:

The Bush Burden

He’s there in every corner of Congress where a microphone fronts a politician, there in Russia and the British Parliament and the Vatican. You may think George W. Bush is at home in his bathtub, painting pictures of his toenails, but in fact he’s the biggest presence in the debate over what to do in Syria.

His legacy is paralysis, hypocrisy and uncertainty practiced in varying degrees by those who want to learn from history and those who deny it. Let’s grant some validity to the waffling, though none of it is coming from the architects of the worst global fiasco in a generation.

Time should not soften what President George W. Bush, and his apologists, did in an eight-year war costing the United States more than a trillion dollars, 4,400 American soldiers dead and the displacement of two million Iraqis. The years should not gauze over how the world was conned into an awful conflict. History should hold him accountable for the current muddy debate over what to do in the face of a state-sanctioned mass killer.
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