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Subject:  Re: Obama's war on consumers Date:  9/12/2013  8:35 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  18624 of 21484

Donna:""Who said anything about allergies? My comment was that maybe I can breathe. Carbon Dioxide eats Oxygen.......No oxygen, no can breathe."

Let's see...we are talking about 300 CO2 molecules per million molecules of air.

If you took a pinch of sugar and went out to your Olympic size swimming pool and threw the pinch of sugar in the pool.....that would be about the 'concentration' of CO2. A very very small pinch......

That's about 1 part in 50,000

Now, imagine you fill your entire house up with golf balls. Exaclty one of them is a 'CO2' golf ball. Is it going to make a differrence
if I put in 1/10th more of a golf ball in hour house?


I know large numbers confuse people, but we are talking about 350 parts per million of CO2.....that means out of a million molecules
that 350 of them will be INVISIBLE, TASTELESS, ODORLESS carbon dioxide molecules.

And no...carbon dioxide 'does not eat oxygen'. CO2 is mostly inert.....add oxygen to it and it does nothing.

Let's see...maybe you can understand.

The percentage of Oxygen in the air is about 20%....

that is 0.2

the percentage of CO2 in the air is 350 parts per million

That is 0.000350

If you really think that the smaller number affects your breathing, you need a science/math refresher course!

Put another way.....stack up a pile of dollar bills....$3,000 of them in one pile. Now put a single dollar bill in another pile. Now mix that one dollar bill into the whole pile.......

REMEMBER ..>CO2 is a colorless, odorless,tasteless gas that helps plants grow..helps trees grow.....without it, you'd be dead as all the lving plant matter on earth , including your veggies, animal food, etc, would be DEAD.

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