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Subject:  Re: Obama's war on consumers Date:  9/13/2013  8:18 AM
Author:  telegraph Number:  18630 of 21488

"Donna (who is aware that plants ingest carbon dioxide and emit oxygen, but we are losing plant material also, i.e., old growth forests, etc.) "

No, just recycling it.

I take it you would prefer that humans stop breeding and increasing the population, and since you want to 'breath easier' would be 100% opposed to immigration? That increases the population, meaning more 'old growth' is cut down to provide wood for their houses, provide space to grow food for their kids, etc? Zero population growth? And of course, we'll just shut down all the National Parks so the critters can live in 'peace', right? Those parks just cause people to take long trips in fuel hogging travel trailers and motor homes, wasting fossil fuels and emitting CO2, right?

You do realize that 7 billion people emit all sorts of CO2? Including you! Please, don't breath so hard. No exercise for you since you're polluting the planet more!

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