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Subject:  Re: Obama's war on consumers Date:  9/14/2013  12:04 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  18635 of 21477

alstro:"Plastic bags are seldom recycled. "

Says who? 90% of mine are returned to the store. The other 10% are used to hold real garbage that doesn't go down the pig , err, garbage disposal, like meat soaked paper trays, paper towels used to clean up spills or wipe the floor or counters.....

Did you ever try to use a paper bag to hold garbage? try putting in a bunch of wet paper towels, the paper under raspberries in the box, etc, into your 'paper bag' for garbage. ha.....

I use plastic garbage bags.


alstro:"Many end up in the ocean as part of large rafts of garbage or individually killing sea life or slowly degrading in landfills."

those rafts of garbage are mostly plastic consumer crap and bottles. Not bags. And if they degrade in land fills, who cares? I'm more worried about all the chemicals you likely throw away...shampoos, old medicines, empty spray cans - hair spray, paint, canola oil for cooking, and who knows what.

YOu realize it can take hundreds of years for PAPER to degrade in garbage dumps?


alstro:" IMO we should be more conservative about wasting oil on bags...landfills are bursting with big plastic garbage bags that contain medium plastic kitchen garbage bags that contain smaller plastic shopping bags and ziplock or other very small bags."

Right? Let's pay loggers to use FOSSIL FUEL powered saws to cut down trees, then transport those trees with FOSSIL FUELS to the lumber mill, likely running on FOSSIL FUELS, then hauling the pulp to the paper mill with FOSSIL FUELS, and running the polluting paper mill (likely on fossil fuels again), and then carrying the finished 'product' from the paper mill to the distribution centers with FOSSIL FUELS, then carrying the paper bags from the distribution centers to the stores with FOSSIL FUELS.

You realize that plastic bags probably weigh 1/10th as much as paper bags? So 10 times as much energy is used to haul them, and almost no one re uses paper bags since they rip so easy from carrying much in them, or food 'leaks' and ruins them (and maybe the back seat of your car as well)......

Paper bags are hardly eco-friendly.

Oh, and I forgot the energy needed to plant all the new seedlings to replace the cut down forest trees.


I'll continue to use plastic bags.

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