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Subject:  Re: Community Question Date:  9/25/2013  5:36 PM
Author:  Rayvt Number:  73310 of 100126

Well, if you approve of the job the government is doing (currently 81% do not)...
...then by all means, invest in a "set it and forget it" S&P500 B&H strategy.

I'm surprised the number is as low as 81%. I can't believe that 19% of people think it's doing a good job.

But.....what does the first have to do with the second?

How does disapproval of Congress mean it is risky to buy stocks? The one doesn't logically follow from the other. Has anybody done a study or paper or backtest that show this? Do you have a link to such a study?
I'm all about making beaucoup money. Any indicator that will make me more money, I'm all over it.

That's why it is best to keep ones political opinions & emotions out of their investment decisions. Are we here to retire rich or to complain about Congress and the present[*] occupant of the White House?

Also, "The standard is not perfection; the standard is the alternative." You have to put your money _somewhere_. If you think that it's too risky to invest in the S&P500, where then would you put it?
Every investment vehicle (including insurance companies) swims in the same water with the 81% disapproval of Congress -- so why would they not be affected the same way that the S&P would?

Aaaaaaand on top of all that, nobody here (other than IUL proponents) has recommended a "set it and forget it" S&P500 B&H strategy. A far better -- and still simple -- strategy is right there in my spreadsheet. Next set of columns to the right, just before the IUL section.

Of course, nobody is required to look at the spreadsheet, but it's rather weak to carp about it if you haven't.

[*]That's a pun, in case anybody didn't get it. ;-)
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