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Subject:  FI Part IV: Get a real degree. Date:  9/30/2013  12:39 AM
Author:  whyohwhyoh Number:  4995 of 5246


Part 4: Get a real degree.. so you can get a well paying job.

Again in no particular order; getting what I call a "real" degree was critical in my path towards wealth building. There are many paths towards FI, and this is just the details on mine, and I'm not there yet.... still on this journey.

In university I found there are only a few degrees that will greatly increase one's chances of a good paying job with growth potential. Any degree with the right motivation and skills will take one very far, but there are a few degrees that I believe can greatly increase one's odds.

I picked engineering. An MSME. I did this the more frugal way... lots of state schooling, and lots of time in community colleges where the cost/unit is much lower.

Getting an MSME, or law degree or medicine or other engineering degree is only the 1st task. I've found that to really excel you need to be able to get what I call the "big picture". For some reason very few are willing to get the degree and also strive to understand the higher level big picture. How to make money for a business. One needs the technical savvy along with how to lead.

To achieve this... one must take risks... and take on the challenge. Very few do... but the rewards are huge!

Some random frugalness indicators:
1. I own nothing (and have never owned) something made by Apple.
2. Spent summers in local community college.
3. No new jewelry for me or my wife since we have been married (16+years).
4. As an avid cyclist... back to back to back+ double centuries on a steel bike.. no carbon fiber.
5. I sneak CFL's into fixtures... without my anti-CFL wife knowing....(doesn't work all the time... ok rarely works, but I try)

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