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Subject:  Depth Perception Date:  10/1/2013  11:39 AM
Author:  GeeBeeNC Number:  11583 of 11896

I'm going to get up close and personal. I was born with strabismus, a muscle condition known as lazy eye or cross eyed. My left eye will float upward at times. I usually use one eye at a time and have trained myself to switch from one eye to the other as convenient. I can also force myself to use both eyes at the same time but only for short periods. The practical time that I use the both eye trick is to see the center bar of letters on most drivers license eye exams.

Why is this in Cars and Drivers? My depth perception is distorted. This certainly affects my driving ability especially competitive driving. When I was learning to drive I had 2 light PD accidents that were probably caused by this distortion but I did learn to compensate for it.

Another poster on this board mentioned on another board that he lacks proper depth perception. So I'm asking him, and any other readers who have similar experience: Do you have any intentional strategies that you use to compensate for the lack of depth perception?

For the most part my compensation has been present but passive. I did have surgery when I was in my thirties. The first time I drove after the surgery I had my dad who taught me to drive ride along, making comments about how my driving had changed after the surgery.

When I drive with my right eye I do go to the left side of the lane as evidenced by occasionally hitting lane reflectors.

Does anyone else have comments about their experience with this problem?

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