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Subject:  Re: Affordable care act - Day 2 Date:  10/2/2013  6:34 PM
Author:  intercst Number:  52411 of 134024

workwayless writes,

Still haven't be able to access ''...but have managed to get 2014 marketplace quotes from other online sources.

Historically Arizona premiums were fairly low as compared to other states. But now it looks like premiums are going up big time in 2014. One reason: it looks like the ultra high deductible insurance (7k+) plans are going away. Also there is no lifetime maximum. Aside from these things, it is hard to do apple-to-apple comparisons between current and new policies.

But in any case, the premiums are going to be as much three times what I budgeted for in retirement. Guess I better take Intercst's advice and lower my taxable income so I can get the tax credit :-)


I was able to logon to at about 2 AM last night. Looks like Obamacare is going to save me more than $400/month for a policy with more comprehensive coverage than the GOP-approved, Texas-Teabagger health plan I have now.

I note that $400/month is enough to make the lease payments on a new Mercedes.

I'm grateful that Texas has a Federally-run health insurance exchange and that Rick Perry and the rest of Republican fools in Austin won't have the opportunity to F&ck it up -- at least for people wealthy enough to exceed the Medicaid limit.

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