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Subject:  Re: Obama's war on consumers Date:  10/3/2013  11:11 PM
Author:  SABOB Number:  18651 of 21572

<<<Because liberals, Democrats and environmentalists have a limitless inventory of ways they want to control the behavior of people, so they do things just like they do.

In Washington State this November, an initiative to require that food be labeled with if it's genetically modifed or not is on the ballot.

Of course, pretty much ALL food is organic, genetically modified chemicals. But our liberal friends want to promote public prejudice and fear of food that isn't just like what they, the wealthy upper middle class and wealthy, eat.>>>

And how is it that you know what "they" eat? If pretty much "ALL" food is organic (not true, by the way, as I will not pay extra for it and it amounts to a very, very, small percentage of food in my local supermarkets), what's the problem? People are buying it. According to free market theory, it is those choices that count.

I think extensive informational labeling is a waste of effort, but who cares? How can people object to descriptions of what they are eating? It would seem to me that choices in a free marketplace are essential to freedom. Why do conservatives object to people knowing what they are consuming? They can always just ignore it.

BTW, if anyone doubts what I am saying, I will be happy to invite you to my local supermarket and we can roam the aisles. Take notes- let's see what the percentage of "organic" foods is. It would not amount to 1%!

I am really puzzled on this one. It seems to be an issue that exists only in imaginations.
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