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Subject:  Re: A new breed of debt collector. Date:  10/8/2013  6:43 PM
Author:  Windowseat Number:  307300 of 312702

Do you really want your electric utility to make keeping the lights on conditional on the customer getting up, getting bathed and dressed and seeing an employment counselor at an appointed time? And following the directions given to them by the employment counselor?

SP, it's not the utility companies that are doing this. This is the debt collector. You know, the people who call and harass and threaten? The people that debtors are afraid of? The people who can put liens on homes and haul away cars? Who can order people to appear in court?

No one is required to jump through all the hoops. But this company, as opposed to most of the other debt collectors, is willing to help people and get them on the road to recovery. A lot of people (and you must have read some of their posts on this board) want to pay their debts, but don't have the money. They don't know how to help themselves. This company helps them. If the people they offer help to don't want to take that help, then they'll just be a regular debt collector. But for people under such stress that they can no longer think straight, this is a lifeline.

There is no contingency. This isn't the utility, or the credit card company, the car dealer or the bank. Keeping the lights on isn't part of it. This is about paying debts, which, if you don't remember, is part of what this board is about. (Utilities have their own means of dealing with people who don't pay the bill).

and someday I must tell you about the NYC City Councillor and the crazy suggestion she made about people who don't pay their electric bills.
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