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Subject:  Re: A new breed of debt collector. Date:  10/9/2013  8:33 PM
Author:  Windowseat Number:  307308 of 312705

You don't want to see the abuse this invites. When you do, you wont like it.

I still think you don't understand what the article is about. You appear, for some reason, to believe that this is some sort of requirement before the debt is paid. It isn't. It's a means of helping people, some of whom think themselves beyond help.

The electric company isn't going to demand that someone get a good-paying job in order to pay the bill. They don't care. As long as the bill is paid the electricity will stay on. The money stops, the electricity stops. Utilities are not involved in debt repayment.

If people pay their bills, they don't hear from debt collectors. If they do hear from debt collectors, the majority of them are hearing threats and rants, and are afraid to pick up the phone. They live in hiding.

But if they hear from this company, they're going to hear from someone who will listen to them while they explain the situation, who will help negotiate payments, who will help them get a job in order to pay the bills. For some reason totally beyond me, you think helping someone is abuse.

Should we stop Boy Scouts from helping old people across the street? That could be regarded as abuse, too.

I don't know why you think this is horrible. People get their debts paid, and they don't have to live in fear. Apparently in your view, not paying bills is okay, if the alternative is having a friendly debt collection company.

I'm not going to respond to any more bizarre responses from you unless you can explain, calmly and carefully, why having a helpful debt collection agency is awful. And you'll have to explain yourself thoroughly, because I'm just not understanding why you think this is abusive. The debtors don't have to do what the company suggests, it's not as though the alternative is prison. They can flip the company off and continue to not pay the bills. But for people who want to pay their bills but are seeing a brick wall, having someone walk them through this can save their house, their car, their credit rating and their self-respect.

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