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Subject:  Re: A new breed of debt collector. Date:  10/10/2013  9:58 AM
Author:  jwiest Number:  307313 of 312706

But if they hear from this company, they're going to hear from someone who will listen to them while they explain the situation, who will help negotiate payments, who will help them get a job in order to pay the bills. For some reason totally beyond me, you think helping someone is abuse.

I have a friend who was a debt collector for a while. His company was structured "classically", so he couldn't help the clients get a job etc, but he did take the approach of listening, explaining, and trying to work with the client instead of berating them. His results were consistently in the top 5% of the company, and usually #1. Clients didn't avoid his calls (he had far fewer hangups and no answers), and often they would actively call him back. Luckily he had a manager who was willing to bend on style and acknowledged his results.

Then the company was bought out, that manager moved on and was replaced by an aggressive my-way-or-the-highway jackash, the kind of d!^& that needs to drive a red mercedes and put his name on the license plate. No counts for "results" with this guy, it seemed this manager's joy in life was to run a team of people who could yell at "moochers" all day long. It was more important to him to put himself, by proxy, above everybody else than produce actual results for the company. Unfortunately the entire industry has that mentality, so it wasn't questioned...except by my friend of course, who left soon after.
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