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Subject:  The once and future index tool? Date:  10/24/2013  4:25 AM
Author:  mungofitch Number:  88083 of 93217

As many people may be aware
- The Fool's site search capability is, well, pretty much useless. Sorry.
- There is another free site put up by a member which allows searching
by word in thread name, word in post, author, date, number of recs, and so on.
For those who are on boards it indexes, it's hard to imagine living without it.
Google is not a close substitute. When trying to find a page that
way (for boards not indexed with that tool), I can find the old post
I need only perhaps half the time.

Alas, the Fool has just switched their web service to use a tool which
prevents exactly the sort of crawling which is necessary to build the index,
so this amazing free tool is no longer available for any post after today.
For those of us on (say) the Mechanical Investing or Berkshire Hathaway boards,
that pretty much removes half the value of the board right there.
There is a *lot* of old information in the last 15 years worth searching for.

Is there any way to allow this person to continue reading the site to keep the index up to date?
He does it at his own cost, and the only one to benefit is and its members.
Or, alternatively, give him blessing to go ahead and try to find
a workaround for the no-crawl technology that has just been implemented.
Understandably he doesn't want to break the rules.

Personally, in the Fool's shoes, I'd buy the tool from him and
set it up for all the site (as it indexes only 11 boards right now),
or pay him a little fee to do so as a service to members.
I imagine the cost is negligible, and given how breathtakingly
useless the fool's own search is (sorry again), it would be a big help.
In fact, I suspect you could solicit donations to pay for it. I'd contribute.

I urge people to give it a whirl. See how it works. Amazing.

Note that on the results page, you can click on "thread" and see any
thread in a hierarchical format so you can see which posts are responses to which others.
These are just links to pages at; he doesn't reproduce the web site.

A thread over on the Mechanical Investing board which broke the bad news of its having broken.

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