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Subject:  Re: "Benghazi", "Voter Fraud" Date:  11/1/2013  8:21 AM
Author:  Stonewashed Number:  1908176 of 2348507

I'm sure they're planning 12 shows for each of he similar incidents during Dubya's administration.


Or they full well know the proverbial sh#t is going to hit the fan.

Who ordered that stand down order? Only the president can authorize such an order, only, he was nowhere to be found during that time frame.

Who fed the state department that bull about the tape? Susan Rice and Hillary Clinton claim they just repeated what the White House told them, not what the intelligence community in the State Department or the CIA told them.

A year ago it was revealed that Clinton had asked for more security in Benghazi and was turned down by the White House.

Some accounts I have read is Bill told Hillary to release documents proving she asked for more help. She didn't, she says, because she did not want "to betray" the democrats.

So I guess the question is, who has CBS (along with the CIA) decided needs to be thrown under the bus. Obama and Jarret and/or or Clinton.

What's pretty certain is that an election rebid takes precedent over any risky action that might not go as planned and hurt that.

Who issued the stand down order, when, and whoever did, was it their call to make and veiled in someone else's authority?
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