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Subject:  Re: 6 enrollees. Total for ACA. Date:  11/1/2013  5:49 PM
Author:  richieds Number:  1908433 of 2365095

"So you're saying that no one argued that there were millions without healthcare? And that no one was 'dying in the streets'?"

I don't care about others hyperbole. I have no idea why you'd make that statement in response to a post that dealt with DAY ONE only. You are just not making any sense these days.

"WTF argument is this? It's okay, because Obama's incompetent?"

The rollout was incompetent but, again, not the argument here. The argument is how many would be expected to enroll on the first day. I've posted about the incompetent rollout plenty. Those of us who support this plan and know it will work are far more disgusted with the messy rollout than you are.

"What about all the supposed millions of people who have pre-existing conditions, who are filing bankruptcy and/or otherwise can't get insurance? All those people you're always going on about who stiff hospitals because they have lousy insurance?"

Again, in your words...FAIL. Any insurance they buy through the exchange will not take effect until Jan. 1st, whether you sign up on Oct. 1 or Dec. 31st, so there is no valid reason not to wait.

Again, respond to the post and don't go off on a tangent. I simply made the case that the extremely low number of sign ups on DAY ONE would not be a big deal EVEN if the rollout had not been incompetent.
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