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Subject:  Re: DIY medical diagnostics Date:  11/5/2013  8:38 AM
Author:  Runemage Number:  2613 of 4135

DIY medicine. Enough of this and we can kill off the whole country...... vs Death from iatrogenic causes: third leading cause of death in the US. Not to mention all the other problems caused by treatment. There are good arguments on both sides of this question.

There certainly are good arguments but the language that some self-inflated superior beings use when they know they are right and everyone else is just so wrong is unbelievable.

This site was linked to with stats on the safety of homebirth - I have no criticism of the poster that linked to it, it was only linked to for the stats report.

As always when introduced to a new site, I read a little of it, in this case with growing astonishment, what got up my nose was the appalling tone of the site itself because it comes from someone who should help you celebrate the emergence of new life. Instead it's a constant stream if spleen-venting with added bile.
"In my efforts to expose American homebirth midwives as woefully ignorant fools ..." and another "Is anyone really so stupid that they could believe this? From the festival of ignorance known as, comes this" there's vitriol and insult aplenty on every page.

What a dreadful attitude, assuming that someone who thinks differently to you is beneath your contempt because you 'KNOW' so therefore they must be stupid. I find people whose tone is like this abhorrent, they do nothing to help anyone with their sneering and should be held down and forcibly vaccinated with kindness, compassion, empathy, understanding, tolerance and acceptance that other people think differently and those peoples' views are just as valid as their own.

There are more than two sides to every healthcare issue, right and wrong aren't the only choices, but the site's author telling people they are plainly wrong, belittling them because their intelligence is obviously so much lower than hers, and insulting them in every paragraph with poisonous rhetoric serves no purpose whatsoever. If you had a question on homebirth or any obgyn issue, that site could well have an informative answer, but who would ever ask if they undoubtedly were to be subjected to a torrent of abuse, sarcasm and belittlement in every sentence.

"She left the practice of medicine to raise her four children"
I feel so sorry for those children raised by a parent who has so many essential character defects and zero generosity of spirit.

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