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Subject:  Re: Little Help, Please? Date:  11/18/2013  10:22 AM
Author:  AngelMay Number:  2565 of 2850

Fuskie, thanks for your post.
However, i have already stopped taking the metformin and i have no intentions of going back on it. The side effects were unpleasant and too confining. Diarrhea is one of those things that is difficult to live with. You find that you cannot even leave your house with any kind of confidence that you wont embarrass yourself publicly.

Beyond that, i never, but never, want to be in a position where i have to take a second medication to negate damage from the first, and then a third to treat damage from the second, and so forth until i am nothing but a walking prescription. I refuse. And thats the end of that. I will fight my doctor tooth and nail over this if i have to. Ive seen where that leads and its not a place i want to go.

Secondly, as i said earlier, i am not diabetic. The pre-diabetes diagnosis was about two years ago now. Since then i have managed to lose 20 pounds and have recently decided to get serious with diet and exercise to move from the pre-diabetic state back to normal.

Im following a low-fat, vegan diet and im giving myself a workout on my treadmill every day. Note that ive only been doing this for a month so it is very early for real results to show up.

I bought the blood glucose meter on my own. No prescription because my doctor has not felt it necessary to prescribe one. I just decided that i would like to know how im doing so i got the meter.

This morning, the fasting reading was 102. This doesnt seem too far out of normal to me based on information i have been able to glean from searching on the internet. So maybe im making progress.

I was just wondering earlier how yesterdays fasting level could be higher than the post-meal level. I thought someone here could explain that. But it seems to be complicated.

I will keep on with the diet and exercise until i get the levels down inside the normal range. I still want to lose about 40 pounds but i am not on a diet primarily to lose weight. Im changing my eating habits to get healthy. I think the weight loss will be a bonus. :)


Ps.. Please forgive the lack of proper punctuation. I had to turn off auto correct on this ipad to keep it from deciding for me which word to use. Often it would replace what i was typing with some total nonsense. I wish it just had an auto punctuation function only. :)
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