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Subject:  Re: A Theory On Retirement Life Date:  11/21/2013  5:28 PM
Author:  SeattlePioneer Number:  18799 of 22253

<<For a married couple with an income of less than $62,040 for 2014, your health insurance premium is capped at 9.5% of your income under Obamacare.

That means an annual premium of $5,900/yr, not $24,000/year. There's a huge benefit to managing your income in retirement to keep under the threshold for tax subsidies.

intercst >>

Yep, that's the theory. To make that work a lot of young healthy people have to pay inflated insurance costs to pay for the subsidies.

Of course, those same young healthies could be buying health insurance NOW if they wanted to spend the money --- but many aren't doing so.

It's not clear to me why people who wont buy individual health insurance NOW when it's relatively cheap will be anxious to do so under Obamacare when they have to subsidize the elderly and the already sick in addition to paying for the costs they can be expected to generate.

Why wont the young healthies just continue to do without health insurance like they do now, and WAIT UNTIL THEY ARE SICK to buy health insurance?

Heck --- I've been paying for my own health insurance since 1999. But I may have paid my last premium. Why should I pay for health insurance when I'm healthy? Since preexisting conditions no longer are a bar to getting health insurance under Obamacare, I can wait until I get sick before buying insurance.

Seattle Pioneer
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