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Subject:  Re: A Theory On Retirement Life Date:  11/21/2013  8:54 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  18806 of 21197

intercst:"Of course there are exceptions. I'm sure if you move to another state, they'll only let you sign up for insurance on that state's exchange, if you had similar coverage where you currently live.

Also if you get married or divorced mid-year, that opens up the possibility of being able to sign up for coverage."

or if you 'lost' your job that had health insurance...and coverage ended...

they'll be enough loopholes in the Swiss cheese of ObamaKare so that folks will be able to sign up at any time. Count on it. No one left one 'uncovered'....

Somewhere they'll be ACORN type navigators who will fudge the system to get folks signed up only when they really need it.....

and if you sign up and don't pay? did you have 'coverage'? or paid only 1 month in Jan......but had 'tough times' and 'couldn't pay' because you 'lost your job'?

it will be a giant mess.

the real mess starts when folks sign up but either don't pay, or only pay a few months before they figure they'd rather have a new iPhone than pay that silly bill every month.....

or their checking account balance is zero and when the direct withdrawal to the insurance company bounces....

then what?

From what I understand, you either need a checking account or a credit card that the insurer can automatically debit each month.

no account - no insurance.. = they aren't going to wait for you to mail in a check.....or stop by and pay in cash....

At least half the 'black' folks have neither a bank account or a credit card.


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