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Subject:  Re: Stanley Drunkenmiller Shorting IBM Date:  11/23/2013  4:48 PM
Author:  rationalwalk Number:  206237 of 250231

But when all is said and done, I have no doubt Mr. Buffett's IQ is well over 100, but does it matter?

Of course it matters. He always says that one does not need a super high IQ to do well with investments but doing well and replicating the record of Berkshire Hathaway are two very different things.

The reason a sky high IQ alone does not ensure investment success is because many such people do not have the temperament to be successful despite the intelligence. Therefore, it is very likely that someone with a 120 IQ and having the right investing temperament will outperform someone with a 160 IQ and a horrible investing temperament.

When you get a 160+ IQ AND the ideal investing temperament, you get the very extreme results demonstrated by Warren Buffett over the past sixty years. He has the ideal investing temperament BUT also a unique ability to remember facts and figures spanning decades and to put the data in a useful context.

For those of us who have to constantly refer to spreadsheets and annual reports to recall specific facts and figures, just think how much better we would be if all of that data already resided in our brains ready for instant recall and placed into a useful context. The reason Buffett has never found a computer useful is not because he's some elderly old fashioned Luddite sitting in Omaha with an aversion for technology. It is because he does not NEED the damn computer, excel spreadsheets, etc that the rest of us rely on every single day!
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