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Subject:  Re: Poll: Help me figure it out Date:  12/29/2013  5:28 PM
Author:  TexasSue Number:  307625 of 312852

Short of a tornado or an airplane hitting my house.. my friends and insurance agent said statistically I should lead the most boring life, after I win the lottery.

have had 3 .. yes 3 near fatal accidents.. none of which were my fault, nor could have done anything about.. including driving on the highway during rush hour, middle lane only to have a semi/tractor trailer lose it's brake assembly and fly through the windshield of my car at 70mph. Yes I was ok. ended up with scratches and a tetanus shot. <I have bought long term care insurance after that just in case>

You are right on about the unemployment insurance and it's terms.

The rental was purchased as an investment for my mom, who passed just about 4 months after I closed. I net actually $125 a month (without tax breaks) when all is said and done . and have had to throw in a major remodel at one point.. so it's almost new on the inside. I lower it to $60 to make sure I cover the monthly maintenance. I will either raise the rent $100 this year or move to sell.. I have around 60k in equity .. 30 of which I put in.. 30 of which renters put in.

My only long term goal is to not be a bag lady.. and to have enough to cover basic needs. REally enough to buy some PB&J to eat for dinner.

I have 1 home paid for and locked up not renting due to the economy in the area.. but wouldn't mind living there if holy hell broke lose.. or I came into a nice cash stream.

My father and I use to sit and chart out stocks as a young girl. he was really good.. wish my memory were better..

I want to invest I just dont' want to lose.. but neither does anyone else.. and Vegas and I dont' see eye to eye lately.. .. I just want it all to magically better ..
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